Takeoff FAQ

A commonly asked question from our subcontractors is, “Does PlanHub offer an integrated Takeoff solution?” Now we do! … Our new and easy-to-use takeoff tools are built into the PlanHub platform.

Bid Leveler

Save time by simplifying the bid leveling process with PlanHub. See bids side-by-side, compare bid amount, and review subcontractors’ qualifications & certifications, all in one place

Prequalifications for Subcontractors

Our extended suite of Premier features now includes Prequalifications for Subcontractors. This allows General Contractors to see your expertise and skills to secure more bids. Complete this form after bidding and watch the projects come in!

Bid Planner for Subcontractors

Bid Planner shows you in one dashboard view all the projects your company is working on.
Our extended suite of Premier features now includes Bid Planner for Subcontractors.

PlanHub For Suppliers – Directory

Access the network of over 320,000 subcontractors and 45,000 general contractors posting projects daily. Find project details to better inform your decision.

PlanHub For Suppliers – Keyword Search

The latest feature to elevate PlanHub Pro is our Keyword Search, allowing you to dive into scoring your next project. It’s as simple as entering keywords such as materials you sell, competitors, or brand names to find projects that need you.