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PlanHub Acquires EliteProNet

Tallahassee, FL, November 15, 2017 – PlanHub announced today that it has completed the acquisition of EliteProNet, a membership based, construction lead generation platform that facilitates the commercial construction bidding process between general contractors and subcontractors with corporate headquarters located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
The combination of EliteProNet with PlanHub will expand PlanHub’s product offering and service capabilities. In addition, the acquisition instantly makes PlanHub a nationwide company with over 200,000 registered contractors. “The technological tools available through the PlanHub application will provide our users more information, at faster speeds, more efficiently and less expensive than any other competitor in the industry”, said Kevin Priddy, President and CEO of PlanHub. “We are now on pace for half a million registered contractors by 2020″, continued Priddy. Through the EliteProNet acquisition, PlanHub adds several thousand additional general contractor relationships and a large network of premium subcontractors.
“PlanHub has changed the way we go through our bid solicitation process”, said Kara Huett with Paragon Construction. “We used to scramble to get bids together on bid day, but now we have a good understanding of who is bidding our jobs through PlanHub. The quality of the bid coverage is great and the customer service we receive is even better.”
About PlanHub
PlanHub is a cloud based software that allows general contractors to share project files and information with subcontractors and vendors along with project tracking and bid management tools. The acquisition of EliteProNet will expand PlanHub’s service offerings and customer base, in addition to the wealth of experience and talent the EliteProNet team brings. EliteProNet’s President and CEO, Kevin Priddy, will retain that role as the new CEO of PlanHub. Kyle Conlan, will become the new Vice President and Chief Operations Officer and PlanHub will move its corporate headquarters from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach along with all operational support. PlanHub will continue to maintain regional offices in Tallahassee, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and the suburbs of New York City.
To learn more about PlanHub, the acquisition, expansion plans, or interview requests, please contact Denise Stokes, Marketing and Communications Manager, at 561.921.8762 or email, dstokes@staging.planhub.com, or visit www.PlanHub.com.


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