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PlanHub Premier Success: Peak Contract Flooring

An expert in commercial flooring, meet Cody of Peak Contract Flooring. Based in Atlanta, Cody, along with his team of over 10 specialize in carpet, sheet vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring. New to PlanHub, Peak Contract Flooring has already garnered significant growth with the use of our Premier software for Subcontractors.

PlanHub had the opportunity to discuss their success thus far with Cody himself. “We are fairly new to Planhub, but in the past month since becoming a member we have submitted approximately 20 bids”, Cody explains. As Peak Contract Flooring anticipates their 10 year anniversary in 2023, PlanHub’s Premier Software is helping their company achieve excellence to mark this milestone. Planhub connects Subcontractors expanding their network with new General Contractors.

“This is one of the primary reasons we joined PlanHub. The ability to submit bids to multiple General Contractors, some of which we may have never connected with.”

While Cody and the Peak Contract Flooring team are just beginning their journey with PlanHub, their team expects high-yielding results with their recent enrollment. “We joined PlanHub because it increases our exposure to general contractors and allows us to effectively price General Contractors we may not otherwise be able to connect with”, Cody says.

“I believe we will add revenue because of the ability to submit pricing to multiple General Contractors at once. Makes the process of bidding much more streamlined”. PlanHub not only offers a rolodex of new General Contractors, but delivers results and consistently wins Subcontractors their bids.

“We have been awarded projects because of PlanHub, and in the past month since becoming a member, we have submitted approximately 20 bids."

“We are awarded between 10-15 flooring projects monthly”. PlanHub’s industry leading bid-technology connects Subcontractors with projects that are relevant to their trade and location."

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