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Track Documents with a Better Bid Management System

If you’re the owner or estimator for a subcontracting firm and you are sitting in your truck at a jobsite or in your office right now, look around you. We’re willing to bet there are piles of papers on your desk, probably stacked high enough to effectively block out the sun. Your truck is probably in the same shape: stacks of papers and folders in the seat beside you would require heavy machinery to move if you ever had a front seat passenger. The dashboard is covered with enough handwritten notes to create your own ticker tape parade when you turn the fans all the way up to high.
You’ve been meaning to get more organized, but who has time for that? You sure don’t. You do, however, need to dig through it all to look for that one detail of that one project on bid day. You may need to dig through that old leather satchel full of paperwork from ages ago to find that one bid document to retrieve the numbers from it. It’s a hassle!
Fact is, when you’re neck deep in the daily grind of trying to chase projects, you don’t have time to do a lot of the things you need to do or ultimately end up doing. You’re inefficient with paperwork management. That’s what makes a subscription with PlanHub so important.
With PlanHub, all those papers, stacks of folders, and project blueprints you’ve been hauling around can go the way of the dinosaur without having to hire Martha Stewart to teach you organizational skills. With PlanHub’s planning room and bid management software, every document you need to place smarter bids will be at your computer for easy access. In your truck, you’ll be able to pull up the same document right on your cell phone, and a decade from now, it will all still be right there when you need it. Your documents will be all in one place, but accessible from any place.
Not good with technology? PlanHub is here to help you get started, and all of it takes less time than digging through just one pile of papers. PlanHub isn’t just your source for all the latest construction projects. It’s your source for having more time to manage your business in a smarter way. It’s time to give yourself more time already. Contact us to see what we can do for your business today.


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